The Write Knights
Servants of your manuscript 

Royal Retreat

Have an experience like no other (and get your writing done)

How to book:

Are you ready for an adventure that will last a lifetime? Message us! We prefer at least a month in advance, but in most cases we can accommodate sooner to fit your schedule. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when we work together. 

27 Day
Royal       Retreat 

There is nothing quite like gazing at 2,000-year-old rice terraces as you sip your morning coffee. If you stay very still and listen, the only sounds you'll hear are the river and the faint barking of a dog from the village below. Few places leave such a lasting impression as our retreat, located in Banaue, Philippines. You'll instantly be thrust back in time where people live mainly off of the rice they grow and the chickens they raise. It's surprisingly liberating. 

What's the catch?

Pair: $2,450 each
Single: $4,125 

Although there will be plenty of interesting things to do, be prepared to write...a lot! You'll have a dedicated knight who will help you write your manuscript everyday for 27 days. Don't worry, you'll still have lots of time to explore, too. 
 Extra Motivation​​!

 Reach your goal by the end of the  retreat and get $200 back for single  bookings ($100 each for pairs)

What's included:

  • A  dedicated knight to work with you on your manuscript every day
  • Delicious meals 
  • Tasteful accommodations 
  • Tours of terraces and lower village 
  • Transportation to/from airport and Banaue
  • Visits to town, where you can get snacks, souvenirs, and enjoy reinactments of native customs (snacks/souvenirs not included) 

Let us help you accomplish your goals:

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or one that's more distant, our knight will tailor their approach to your specific project. 

We will:
  • Help write your story
  • Suggest elements to include in your story
  • Offer encouragement
  • Revise your work
  • ​Keep you focused and inspired