The Write Knights
Servants of your manuscript 
Servants of your manuscript 

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Get your manuscript ready for publication. All it takes is one week!

The Crusades​​​​

Knights of the Round Table:

 A bonus! Three additional knights will read your   manuscript  cover to cover and write a detailed  critique. They  will evaluate characters, the story,  your writing  style, and much  more. 

 You'll receive:
  • 3 individual reader reports
  • A combined report that collates the responses and summarizes your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses
10 Individual Reports:
  1. Story Structure
  2. Every Scene
  3. Subplots
  4. Every Page
  5. ​Middle Ten Pages

6.  First Five Pages
7.  Last Five Pages
8.  Setting
9.   Characters
10. Grammar

(Each report has over a dozen focus points to give you a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript)


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Creative Writing 

Want a story to call your own but don't want to write it? We will write your manuscript for you!

Get a completed, professional manuscript in six weeks or less without lifting a finger. 
That means you could start submitting your new manuscript to agents and publishers in under two months!
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Simply tell us what genre of story you want, and we'll get started.

Personal Squire
+ $100 deposit

Writing Motivator

Are you struggling to write? Improve your chances of success by as much as 95%!

Strengthen your willpower and achieve your goals with your Personal Squire. We are a lot of things...your cheerleader, goal setter, incentivizer, and accountability coach

We help by using proven methods to change behavior. Two of the biggest factors that help people accomplish their goals are incentives and accountability.​​
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