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​“Be the setting that holds another person up to the light like a precious jewel, letting every facet of who they are sparkle and shine revealing all the colors within their heart....” 
― Kate Mullane Robertson

The beginning should be their normal world. This will be what all of the personal and plot changes will be measured. Concrete setting. Normal world is where character has found contentment/complacency (pg 60, character arc)
The normal world is a place that the main character either doesn't want to leave or can't. The normal world dramatizes the lie the character believes. It empowers the character in that lie, giving him no reason to look beyond it. It's only when the normal world is challenged or abandoned at the first plot point that the character's belief in his lie shaken. 
Ask how the normal world will best contrast with the "adventure world" of the other two acts. 

12. Subtext

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